Monday, 20 March 2017

Festival dates 2017

It's officially spring now, so time to look ahead at the 2017 kite festival season. Where will Flying Fish be flying? Below the ones we'll definitely be at.

Minchinhampton Kite Day - April 2
New event for us! The organisers are keen to make this a bigger event, and invited a few dual-line teams, Flying Fish among them. Report here.

Streatham Common Kite Day - May 14
Our third appearance at this community-run festival. Always a very nice atmosphere.

Basingstoke Kite Festival - June 3 & 4
I lost count how often we've flown at Basingstoke. Guess we're almost part of the furniture now!

Brighton Kite Festival - July 8 & 9
Happy to be back at Brighton, after last year's absence due to work. Brighton gave us our very first invited festival performance, so it has a special place in our fishy hearts ...

Dunstable Kite Festival - July 29 & 30
Always a great festival to be at and fly at. Excellent site, and lots of other flyers to mingle with, chat with, fly with.

Exmouth Kite Festival - August 5 & 6
Our third invite for Exmouth; wind can be challenging, but always a great variety of invited flyers.

Portsmouth Kite Festival - August 12 & 13
Essentially our local festival, after the demise of Southampton. Great memories of attending and flying here.

There are one or two more events in the pipeline, but these are not 100% confirmed yet. And, in addition, there will be a few rounds of Nationals to attend.

Hope to see some of you reading this at one of the festivals this year; do come say hi!