Saturday, 11 August 2012

Team bags

I'll say it upfront: this is a shameless plug. As our quiver of pair/team kites expanded, we were struggling more and more to keep it organised and easy to take to the flying field. Some kites were in one larger kite bag, some in another, smaller one. Lines weren't always with the kites they were supposed to be used with, so, to put it bluntly, it was quickly becoming a bit of a mess. Unfortunately, although there are several specialised kite bags on the market, none was suitable for our purpose. Many are too short for full-size team kite, and none would allow all my kites to be together with my lines and other stuff, and the same for Irma.

And then, as if he was aware of our desperation, Keith Griffiths posted on the Fractured Axel forum that he was looking into getting a dedicated team kite bag made, and whether there was any interest in this? Yes, put me down for two, rightaway!!! 

So here they are then!

A full 1.80m long, the bag officially fits 9 full-size kites, and has removable pockets for 6 line-sets. There is also a thin long pocket inside the bag which can take half a dozen or so spars, and on the outside there are two large pockets to store other 'stuff' (leader lines, brakes, tails, etc, etc). The kites are held in place by a small pocket on one end and a velcro-strap on the other. Although there are pockets and straps for 9 kites, I have had no problem fitting in another 5 or 6, snugly lying between the others.

Having used them in the field now for a few months, they really are the bee's knees for anyone wishing to bring a good selection of full-size kites plus multiple line-sets and other bits 'n' bobs, whether you're going team-flying or trick-flying. They're not cheap (£65 for STACK members, £75 for non-members; both prices plus p&p), but perfect for the job. Keith told me bags are still available; drop him an e-mail at if you're interested!

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  1. Thanks. Plenty of bags left if anyone is interested. Note that the STACK price is only covering costs on this for me; the price is high because they are well made and British manufactured, although the price is good compared to Prism roll ups or Rev bags.